Holding Her Down

The guilt of judging other woman in the past crashes over my body like stones. 

The stones hit my naked breasts and bruise. 

But then they hit the floor around my feet I see them for what they are. 

Relics of the past, no longer weighing my body 


I focus on healing the wounds they have caused, and can be better now, do better now. 

My eyes have been open and I step into this change fiercely, and refuse to surround myself with anyone who isn’t committed to rising above the patriarchal colonial imposed 

action of holding other woman 






We climb better when we offer our backs.

Carry each other when our worlds are too heavy. 

We reach higher when we reclaim ourselves. 

Embrace fear together.

Holding Her Down

Melissa-Ann Perreiro Ledo She/Her

Tioh'tia:ke / "Montréal"

With over a decade of teaching and leadership experience in the Educational system, from elementary school to university level to community settings, as former Pedagogical Consultant for the English Montreal School Board, and as co-founder of the social enterprise and non-profit inPath, Melissa-Ann Ledo embraces the idea that learner-centered education can offer an enriched education to all students, of all levels. She strives to provide and inspire the implementation of authentic education to lead learners to higher achievement, engagement, and creativity, in ways that develop critical thinking and communication skills. Ledo is invested in giving back to her own local Queer community and voluntarily runs The Queerest Little Ledo Productions. Ledo is also a practicing visual artist whose work focuses on storytelling. As a researcher Ledo’s interests surround curriculum development, ideas of representation, community building amongst educators, facilitating through the arts, and the role of allyship, with a focus on how to best support youth.